Mr. Atanu Chakravorty
Assistant Manager, MCIIE, IIT(BHU)

He will help you by counselling about your work and the centre. He’ll solve all your problems about incubation, he manages training and Entrepreneurship Development Program and would entreat and help you with all the technicalities.. He manages the MSME Incubator funds and guides in the Faculty Development programs.

Mr. Amit Sinha
Computer Operator, MCIIE, IIT(BHU)

Mr Sinha does all the works related to the connectivity of incubates with their clients and with MCIIE. He deals with all the details and documents and manages them, so our incubated companies  could easily focus on their core works.

Mr. Anuj

As called by his friends here, ‘A four hands electrician’, as he is quick with his skills and hacks whenever there is anything related to electronics needs to be fixed. Also along with great skills, Anuj bhaiya has skills to fix awkward silences and adds happiness everywhere he moves.

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Pal

A sports man from heart and soul, Kuldeep Bhaiya is always there whenever you need anything, or be it anywhere, complex lab equipments, complex paper work or just a complex time, when you need a happier feel, you would always find him with a smile and an enthusiasm to work.

Mr. Rahul Kumar Yadav

A happy to help members of our family. You’ll find Rahul Bhaiya, to tackle with all sorts of your everyday problems with technicalities, and he would stand tall with the solution, even before problems are discovered. His positivity and happy thoughts, helps to maintain positive vibes around us.


Blessing us with his elderly grace and hard work, Rajkumar Bhaiya is an extremely sweet person who keeps our needs enact and our centre all our offices neat and clean. Also, is a great person to talk to every time you need a friend.

Mr. Gopal Ji Srivastava

Our Machine Man Gopal Ji Srivastava handles all the lab equipments in our centre. He would always be there whenever you need to learn or use any of our lab equipments for any purpose. A very friendly being with a positive attitude Gopal Ji is always the person you need for equipment support.