Our startups Vs. Covid-19

The world today is facing a catastrophic situation in form of the pandemic Corona / Covid-19 virus. Globally, it has taken more than 100,000 lives and infected more than 1.6 million. At present, the only way to defend ourselves from corona is to sanitize properly and maintain social distance. Mr. Jeetu Shukla, an incubate of Malaviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE) at IIT(BHU) has developed a device that can be used to sanitize the entire body.

The sanitizer sprayer mounted in front gate to sanitize the visitors.

The device can be mounted anywhere and it works in an automated manner. The device is sensor based which can be installed outside any premises. The sensor based installed machine will automatically detect a person coming in front of the device and will spray 10-15 ml of sanitizer for 15 seconds and this will sanitize the person’s entire body, clothes, shoes, etc. This device can be installed at any place where there is movement of people, so that the person can enter the premises only after getting sanitized.

The Coordinator of Malaviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE), IIT(BHU) Varanasi, Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra said that the device has been developed considering the present need of the society at large and it will definitely help us to fight from Corona and alike viruses.

Gaurav Singh, co-founded Allywing solutions private ltd. is our incubate and has developed a no. of innovative products to fight against corona like low-cost multi-utility sterilization chamber for essential articles like mobile, purse, key, belt etc., an UVC vehicle sterlizer, Personal Sanitization Enclosure etc.
“These things are is generally not being sterilized by even those who are at high risk of infection from corona such as health, sanitation and security personnel,” said coordinator of MCIIE Prof PK Mishra.

Explaining its features, Prof. Mishra said that a cabinet based on the principle of UV germicidal irradiation using C band of ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been developed by this incubated company. The device has two UV lamps having a capacity of 21 watts.
“Any virus can be deactivated up to 99% by the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) dose of 2,400 microwatt.sec/cm2,” he claimed adding that the device ensures complete inactivation of corona virus. This device is also working on auto timer to ensure the safety of user against the UV dose. The air circulation within the cabinet ensures complete exposer to incident UV radiation, he added.

UVC Vehicle Sterlizer

UVC vehicle sterlizer will be helpfull in sterlizing all kind of vehicles like Ambulance, public transport, personal cars, Police vehicles and other vehicles involved in fight against corona. This is more effective and cost efficient method of sanitizing the vehicles. This device works on 12V power supply.

Vishal Krishna and Gaurav Kedia of Incubate Tech Machinery & More Pvt Ltd of MCIIE created social rim umbrellas for social distancing. The radius of the umbrella is 3ft, which help in maintaining social distance. It is worn on the shoulder over your clothes. If two people are face to face with this umbrella, the distance between them will be at least six feet, which is sufficient distance to avoid the coronavirus.