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Name of Startup:  Bridgedots Techservices Private Limited

Name of Owners/founders: Mr. Nikhaar Jain, Mr. Tanmay Pandya

Contact Us:  +91-9910547881, +91-9319365828, M : +91-83779 46604

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Area of work/ Work description: Innovations related to green technologies: 

Bridgedots Techservices, are a technology research start up from India. The technology extracts highly dispersible silica from rice husk ash, an agriculture waste. An international (PCT) patent for the technology is already filed.

For the development of this technology, won various awards, including the prestigious DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program Award. Also been selected by IC2 institute at University of Texas for global business development mentor-ship & international business development program and Semi-finalists & North Zone winner of Masterpreneur 2013 Award show by CNBC Awaz.

Currently the silica is produced using conventional process using sand as a base material. This process is very energy intensive at it needs high temperature of 1500 C. Our process uses a waste material as key raw material and doesn't need temperature more than 150C.

The technology has been developed till the small pilot scale of 5 kg per day. The samples of the silica produced from the technology has been tested and approved by a leading global tire company, and it has shown willingness to engage in commercial arrangement for procurement of silica.


Technology Development
  • Bridgedots provides end-to-end technology development services. We develop technology for a wide range of purposes, including:
  • Developing a novel process to fulfill your technical needs
  • Improving existing processes
  • Developing a novel product with unique properties
  • Enhancing the properties of existing product
  • Developing similar/better product already available in market

Their scientific expertise and access to the leading academia of the country enables them to develop pragmatic technology-based solutions for complex technical problems. Their research focus includes Industrial Waste, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Membranes, Construction Chemicals, Water Repellent Coatings.

Name of Startup:  Iblazion Services Private Limited

Name of Owners/founders: Mr. Vishewsh Sharma

Contact: 9414662553, 8946920485

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Area of work/ Work description: Innovations related to green technologies:

We provide internship opportunities; info on events, conferences, competitions etc. and a platform for the start-ups / companies to connect with the youth.

  • com is an initiative to bridge the gap between the students seeking learning opportunities and the corporate world that requires talented young minds to work with them.
  • We provide internship opportunities of various fields like Government, International, Engineering, Law, NGO, Management internships etc.
  • Complete info on events, conferences, competitions and unique opportunities like campus ambassador programmes.
  • They can also browse through hundreds of job descriptions provided by us to get a better overview of the work they would be doing in the coming future.
  • We are also providing a discussion forum under the name of “IL Community” where students can connect with each other, find INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCES of other students and also the JOB EXPERIENCES of employees of various companies.
  • Students can avail opportunity to join our online courses and can also avail benefits by getting their CV and Cover Letter made by us.

A platform “iBLAZON” for the start-up companies to connect with the youth.

  • Here students can also follow various start-up companies and can also learn from their journey and the ups & downs they have seen till date.
  • Students can also provide solutions or ideas to the case-studies of the start-ups and compete with the ideas given by others.

This platform provides a great opportunity to the startups to publicize themselves and spread awareness about themselves and their products and services.

Name of Startup: iMinBit TechIndia Private Limited

Name of Owners/founders: Mr. Naveen Kumar, Mr. Rohit Kumar Mittal

Contact: M : +91-8090239338, +91-8765166787,  M : +91-8765185068, +91-9461457131

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Area of work/ Work description: Innovations related to green technologies: 

Reverse Osmosis(RO) Potable Water System With Improved Yield

The company has developed a technology to significantly reduce waste water generated from RO water purifiers. Developed product gives a recovery rate (i.e. permeate water) of 70% thereby, producing a low rejection rate (i.e. concentrated waste water) which is less than 30%. A conventional RO system used for household and commercial purposes provides a recovery rate in the range of 30-40%. It will take 4 liters of feed water to provide 1 liter of pure water where the remaining 3 liters will contribute to waste water. This has resulted in a severe water stressed condition. There is a need to provide a cost effective water purifying system that can provide mineral rich pure water and at the same time, conserve water as well. In order to address this problem, our product employs a cost effective technology that allows it to reverse the ratio thus, providing a recovery rate of 70% and at the same time, limiting the rejection rate to only 30%.


Patent applied Product launched in market.


Awards & Recognition

  1. CII Industrial innovation awards 2016-Top 10 promising Startup.
  2. In Top-20 innovative start-ups in Global Cleantech Innovation Programme 2016 for SME's in India organised by United Nations-UNIDO
  3. Covered under Scheme for Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial development of SME’s Through Incubators
  4. Startup Recognition from Start-up India and Stand up India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of India: Application no. DIPP91
  5. Invited to Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris, with the support of the French Ministry of Economy, in October 13-14th, 2016
  6. Top 50 Startups by Amrita TBI.
  7. Zoho Challenge International Top 3 Startups.
  8. Top 6 Tech4Raj under INVENT program (Social Impact) organised(partner) by Startup Oasis, CIIE and RIICO (Government of Rajasthan) 2016-17
  9. Aquvio is recognized as the winner of HOT 100 Tech Award in Healthcare by Centre of Recognition & Excellence.

Name of Startup:  Kashi Handicrafts Private Limited

Name of Owners/founders: Osho Sidhant, Prince Diwakar and  Sonveer Singh

Contact: +91 9044304623

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Area of work/ Work description: Innovations related to green technologies: 

Online selling of crafts and arts through website

  • We have built an e-commerce channel which gets augmented by the help of a artisan-centric mobile-application and enables the artisans to list/sell their products online without any pre-selling cost.
  • For selling products on E-commerce a product has to be readied i.e., it needs to be photographed and content has to be written
    Profiling costs vary between Rs250-500 for a non-apparel product and Rs500-1000 for an apparel product which is way beyond the affordability of artisans.
  • Other e-commerce channels are working on a vendor marketplace model which enables middlemen to sell their products thus artisans gets only peanuts as profit.


Value Proposition

  • Artisans to become entrepreneurs as they can sell directly to a larger audience by using our Artisan-Centric Mobile Application for photography without any pre-selling cost. The Application will give him a sense of self-sustenance and he will be free from the middlemen who usually make all the cut.
  • They can ensure better livelihood and get vis-à-vis with the latest trends in the fashion industry and make products suited to the market.
  • Customers can buy all kinds of products which are not run-out-of-mill products like the Chinese products. They can now proudly have unique handmade crafts at their doorstep.



  • Market size of handicrafts and handmade apparels in India is $5 billion annually. This excludes the export and other international trades which is done.*
  • A household which is in the upper-middle strata of the society is our customer. And as these products have a great gifting capability so they are also popular amongst youngsters.
    Handicrafts as a market has not really picked up in the online space. And an end-to-end solution is the need of the hour.