Companies physically incubated at MCIIE, IIT(BHU)

Rosehub Edutainment Pvt. Ltd

Name of Start-up: Rosehub Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.
Promoter/ Innovator: Ramkesh Patel, Sagar Das
Product/Services: Rosehub promotes innovation and creativity in Education.
Other Comments: Preliminary stage

IMinBit Tech India

Name of Start-up: IMinBit Tech India
Promoter/ Innovator:
Naveen Kumar[B Tech, IIT (BHU), Civil Engg. ; 2014 ]
Rohit Mittal [B.Tech & M.Tech, IIT (BHU), Civil Engg. ; 2015]
Product/Services: Water saving RO water filters.
Other Comments: Patent applied
Product launched in market, Semi Finalist CII Innovation Award – 2016, Top 20, Global Cleantech Innovation Programm – 2016

Freshnic Agribusiness Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up: Freshnic Agribusiness Pvt. Ltd.
Promoter/ Innovator: Hemant Singh, Ratnesh Mishra
Product/Services: Cold Pressed Juice
Other Comments: Early Traction

Kalusyam Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up: Kalusyam Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Promoter/ Innovator: Nirankar Yadav
Product/Services: This R&D based start-up is working to develop pollution controlling Products and Services.
Other Comments: Preliminary stage

Cobra Online Services Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up: Cobra Online Services Pvt. Ltd.
Promoter/ Innovator: Mrityunjay Singh
Product/Services: VGMSECURITY is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can get to recover your misplaced, lost or stolen Android device.  
Other Comments:  Preliminary stage

IERA Start-ups Private Limited

Name of Start-up: IERA Start-ups Private Limited
Promoter/ Innovator: Saurabh Mishra
Product/Services: Shrawan care is service of online Shrawan kumar where we facilitate patient in their to & fro to doctor’s visit and also provide home care for bed ridden patients with help of our team.
Other Comments: Preliminary stage

Garden On Concrete

Name of Start-up: Garden On Concrete
Promoter/ Innovator: Avishek Kumar
Product/Services: Gardening Solutions 
Other Comments: Preliminary stage

TechMachinery & More

Name of Start-up: TechMachinery & More
Promoter/ Innovator: Gaurav Kedia and Binod Daga, B.Tech, Chem. Engg., IIT (BHU)
Product/Services: Machine and more is an online market place for trading of new and used machinery and related services. The idea of the market place is to create one stop for all the needs related to machinery. So if you want to buy a new machinery or you want to sell a used machinery or you need a spare part, or need any other service related to machinery, you can do all at
Other Comments: Patent applied for Swacch Dhara

Shrimali Organics

Name of Start-up: Shrimali Organics
Promoter/ Innovator: AbhijeetKushwaha, M.Tech, Chem. Engg., IIT (BHU)
Product/Services: Water based adhesive
Other Comments: Pilot Plant Study

Agati Health Care

Name of Start-up: Agati Health Care
Promoter/ Innovator: Mamta Sharma [ PhD, Biochemistry, BHU, 1998]
Product/Services: Nutraceutical Products, Colostrum based Products, Product Development Phase
Other Comments: Product Development Phase

Young Skilled India

Name of Start-up: Young Skilled India
Promoter/ Innovator: Niraj Srivastava, IIM C
Product/Services: Mission is to improve professionalism and productivity of every Indian by building the necessary skills through networking. YSI aims to connect every qualified Indian for the better opportunity.
Other Comments: Preliminary stage

Work Jini

Name of Start-up: Work Jini
Promoter/ Innovator: Shantanu Sinha
Product/Services: E-Commerce
Other Comments: In the process of Incubation


Name of Start-up: Matrade
Promoter/ Innovator: Sujit Kumar Singh & Amit Kumar, B.Tech, Meta. Engg., IIT (BHU)
Product/Services: Our Business is related to milk industry. they are committed to provide pure unprocessed healthy milk in different way. Today most of the people are trying hard to get healthy drink but it is very rare to get unprocessed pure milk.
Other Comments: Mentor: Prof. Ramesh Chand, mentor Report awaited

Clean Electric

Name of Start-up: Clean Electric
Promoter/ Innovator: Akash Gupta, B.Tech, Min. Engg., IIT (BHU)
Product/Services: E-Van & Refrigerated Battery Pack
Other Comments: Prototype Stage

Graduated Startups

Edulution Technologies LLP

Name of Start-up: Edulution Technologies LLP
Promoter/Innovator: Raghav Kansal [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Civil Engg.; 2011]
Product/Services: Digital Marketing Solutions
Other Comments:  Various services offered by the company includes online media buying, social media marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications and corporate blogging among others.

Arteye Softwares

Name of Start-up:  Arteye Softwares
Promoter/Innovator: Ajit Maheshwari [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Ceramic Engg.; 2008 ]
Product/Services:  A technology platform for co-creation of multi-media educational content in an intuitive, easy and cost effective manner.
Other Comments: Merged with Designomedia Pvt. Ltd. Has office at Nagpur.

Bridgedots Techservices Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up:  Bridgedots Techservices Pvt. Ltd.
Promoter/Innovator:  Nikhar Jain [B.Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg. 2009]
Tanmay Pandya [B.Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg. 2009]
Abhishek Poddar [B.Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg. 2008]
Product/Services: Technology development related to Cleantech, Polymers and Advanced Materials.
Other Comments: Currently providing end-to-end technology development services by Developing novel processes to fulfill technical needs, improving existing processes, Enhancing the properties of existing product etc.

Name of Start-up: Karpa IT Solutions LLP
Promoter/Innovator: Suresh Shukla [B Tech, IIT (BHU), Chemical Engg. 2000 Batch ]
Product/Services: Adult-content filters for browser (PC/laptop)
Other Comments: Over 200 Paid subscriptions. Mobile version in beta testing phase.

Sigrid Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up: Sigrid Education Services Private Ltd
Promoter/Innovator: Akash Kasaundhan [Chemical Engg. 2011, IIT (BHU)]
Product/Services:  Indian Intelligence Test content co-creation platform “Sigrid Notes”.
Other Comments: Launched an App for its Sigrid notes.


Name of Start-up: GetMeAShop
Promoter/Innovator: Pushkal Shrivastava, B.Tech, Ceramic Engg., 2011, IIT (BHU)
Product/Services: End to End solution to make online store.
Other Comments: GetMeAShop currently developing platforms and solutions by providing an easy and affordable way to people to sell their products online through ubiquitous internet and mobile platform as means of customer connection and marketing channel.

Anaglob Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up: Anaglob Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.
Promoter/Innovator: Gaurav Tiwari [BTech]
Udita Dhruv [ Bachelor of Fine Arts, BHU]
Product/Services: SHURUA(R) T is an online platform for selling original art works made by professional visual arts students which can finance their education and Connect art lovers to original works of art.
Other Comments: Presently selling its products across India. Operated from Varanasi, India, providing a robust and exclusive online marketplace for student artists and offering ease of access to affordable yet outstanding works of art.