MCIIE- Malaviya Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship

Malaviya Centre of Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, also known as MCIIE at IIT BHU, is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and incubation for students by providing them with startup support, entrepreneurship programmes, collaboration faculties, startup ventures, networking opportunities, and many more.

The Malaviya Centre of Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship is a place that is established to ensure the future of the students so they can build and contribute to the future of innovation and entrepreneurship. Most of the startups in India lack support in order to nourish and flourish the innovation needed to sustain business development. Also, with the lack of networking connections, it is quite difficult for a startup to see the light of success.

The Malaviya Centre of Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship

It encourages the students to support their future and careers by exposing them to the necessary environment.

NameMalaviya Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE)
MCIIE full formMalaviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship
Type of organizationnon-profit society
Collaboration Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)
Thrust AreaEngineering and Technology
Incubation Centre LocationVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh, India


A common question a person can have is What is the need for this MCIIE? The reason for the existence of MCIIE is because it exposes the students to an environment that a traditional education centre is unable to.

Most of the students face a common issue after sorting out their necessary education, which is “what to do now?” The lack of networking, field knowledge, innovative perspectives, and, most importantly, real-life experience make the future uncertain. To solve this issue, the Malaviya Centre of Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship has been established and is operating successfully.

Malaviya Centre of Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship Mission

The MCIIE promotes and supports innovative ideas. In the world of technology and advancement, every aspect of life is changing drastically. With a constantly changing environment, there is a need for constant innovation to support the needs of technology and ideas. MCIIE supports innovative ideas to create, improve, and reshape the older generation to produce more reliable and convenient output.

Benefits of MCIIE

IIT BHU MCIIE provides various types of benefits. So that the upcoming generation can get exposure to the necessary elements that lead their paths. These benefits are described below.

Entrepreneurship Programmes:

MCIIE hosts and supports various types of entrepreneurship programs every now and then. So that the students can learn and be a part of the work in person.

Also entrepreneurship programs help the students set their innovative ideas a way to flourish and get the attention of the outside world. This helps the students, directly & indirectly to push their creative self to discover, learn, nd create more.

Incubation Facilities:

The MCIIE provides necessary services to startups, like providing infrastructural support, providing offices, laboratories, etc.

Along with this MCIIE makes sure to provide monitoring services, collaboration opportunities, and networking opportunities so that innovation doesn’t stop because of the lack of structural and functional support.

Startup Incubation:

The startups that rise up from IIT BHU get the necessary attention by the MCIIE. It has startups in every sector, including technology, healthcare, food & agriculture, and social entrepreneurship.

MCIIE makes sure to provide the new startups with the necessary attention and monetary support, like funding, to keep and nourish the entrepreneurship ecosystem at IIT BHU. 

Collaborative Opportunities:

In IIT BHU, MCIIE makes sure to expose the uprising start-ups to real-world scenarios. In order to push the line forward, MCIIE also arranges collaborative and partnership opportunities with leading industries and brands so the new startups get a push forward.

Research and Innovation:

MCIIE always pushes forward research and innovation for various sectors like technology, entertainment, agriculture, healthcare or medications, and many more.

The technological support, along with opportunities of monetary funding and networking opportunities makes it easy to nourish R&D for service advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MCIIE needed?

MCIIE is an indifferent part of IIT BHU that supports innovative ideas and entrepreneurship startups to create new industries and expand the entrepreneurship ecosystem of IIT BHU further.

What services does MCIIE provide?

MCIIE provides entrepreneurship support in the form of infrastructure (such as laboratories, office houses, etc.), monetary support like outside funding and investment, collaborative support with recognised industries, and networking support to bring more future ideas to life and continue growing the startups.